• Talent Inc.

  • As a Design Technologist at Talent Inc, I was responsible for creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes of various products. On top of my involvement in the design process, I also had the responsiblity to bring my designs to life via code.

    • My Role

      Design Technologist

    • Time

      Sept 2017 - Jan 2019

    Talent Inc. is the global leader in career services. Through its suite of brands — TopResume, TopCV, and TopInterview — the company helps professionals tell the best version of their career story, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and land the right job, faster.

  • 1. Partner Dashboard

  • Team

    Worked with one other engineer.


    Improve visuals and user experience by redesigning dashboard for partner brands.


    User Research, Wireframes, Design Mockups (Low + High Fidelity), Development using Angular.js

Old Partner Dashboard

The Problem

The old dashboard had a lot of problems.

1. The user authentication experience was horrible, as it required each partner to provide an email and partner name upon signing in each time. On top of that, partners would have multiple different emails associated to the brand instead of having one master brand account.

2. The overall design looked something straight out of a basic template: it had no character and just wasn't any fun at all.

In order to keep current partners satisfied as well as attract future potential partners, an update was needed to the dashboard.

Making authentication simple

Instead of having users authenticate using an email and providing the partner name, we made it so that the partner account username is enough. Previously, even though there would be multiple unique email accounts associated with the partner brand, they all enjoyed the same permissions and access. Essentially they were duplicate accounts under the partner brand, which was not needed.

Updating the overall design

A clear goal for the design update was to make the interface seem modern and fun. The Revenue Summary report is the core feature of the dashboard and instead of just presenting a bunch of numbers, we wanted to create a report that was informing as well as entertaining.

Some rough sketches

The idea for the revenue summary was to present the earnings for a partner brand in a neat and fun way. Partners should be able to login, view how much they are making and performing, and download a report for their own purposes.

Building on the early sketches, I created some potential mockups.

Mockup-1 Mockup-2 Mockup-3

Upon receiving feedback from both internal sources and partners, we felt that the initial mockups were not hitting the goals we wanted for the dashboard completely. Although it improved upon the existing design, it still felt a little dated and busy. Again, we did not want to just slap numbers together for a partner to digest. The experience should have been fun and meaningful.

For the final approved design, we ditched the layout that was common to both the old dashboard and mockups by introducing a radical new look. We also grouped important blocks of information in more easy to digest sections while also bringing in helpful charts.

In conclusion, partners liked the new direction and feel. The old dashboard was rarely used and partners did not find much value in it besides downloading their earnings report couple times per month. We saw an increase in 65% more use of the dashboard on a daily basis and found via a survey, that over 85% of partners believe the dashboard has value.

Final design

Final dashboard design

  • 2. Talent Inc Redesign

  • Team

    Worked with a team of designers and engineers.


    Full redesign of homepage to raise brand profile to attract more and better talent.


    Wireframes, Design Mockups, Development

    Live preview

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Talent Inc site

Talent Inc. Redesign

  • 3. ResumeRabbit Redesign

  • Team

    Worked with a team of designers and engineers.


    Full redesign of ResumeRabbit's website after being acquired by Talent Inc. Redesign, improve UX, and bring to modern standards.


    Wireframes, Design Mockups, Development

    Live preview

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ResumeRabbit site

ResumeRabbit Redesign